Monday, July 6, 2009

New Stuff

I went to the IMATS show a couple of weeks ago and came across a makeup sanitizing product titled Beauty So Clean. It claims to kill bacteria in 10 seconds.

They have sanitizing wipes for lipsticks, glosses, etc. & sanitizing spray for eye shadows, pressed powders, etc.

They also have brush cleaner but as most of you know, I believe Cinema Secrets has the BEST brush cleaner hands down!!!

I really like the Beauty So Clean product. Its a bit expensive but money should be no object when it comes to your health or the health of your clients.
I'm a germaphobe when it comes to my makeup anyway. I NEVER use the gloss or lip sticks straight from the tubes. That's just gross!

I went by Walgreens and picked up some products that needed to be refilled and a few things I had never used.

I came across a Nail Art Pen by Sally Hansen ($7.99). I've heard mention of it but didn't really pay it any attention. They had black, red, green, & navy blue at the store. I got the black one.
I like it so far! Check out my toes!

Hey, hey, hey......I did the best I could!! Stop laughing!! :p

The polish is some $.99 NYC polish I picked up. I like it. Its cool I guess.

I also saw these eye shadows by Milani ($3.99)
I didn't see that many colors to choose from so I got Java Bean and Iced Blue. They're good for the price they were. You definitely need an eye shadow base for them though. I'll have photos using these soon.