Monday, April 30, 2012

Let me Let me Update Cha!!! ~pic heavy~

I've been gone for like forever & 5 months!!!  I know, I know....I need a spanking. Shame On Me!!!  The truth is, Instagram and FaceBook makes life so much easier.
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Here's a loads of pictures of & what I've been up to!  Not really in order of events but.....Enjoy!!!

So I guess I'll start with the most exciting news of the week......

Sheen magazine has released the issue I did makeup for!!!  Yay!! I had the pleasure of making up Vanessa Simmons.  You can find my work on THE COVER (this made my 4th magazine cover) & of course the spread inside along with the products I used to make her up.

Next up are a series of looks I've rocked over the past few months.........

My wholesome church girl look!

My go shake hands & smile look! Met up with a fellow Makeup Artist & ran into Michael Jai White! 

My suburban hood girl swag!

My karaoke singing look!

My Staples Center B-ball look!

My "I know you but I promise you wont recognize me at first glance" look.

My Vegas party look!

My Toni Braxton concert swag!

My "Heeeyyy It's My Birthday" look!!

The 2012 Makeup Show was awesome!! Here's my beat for that day...

On the red carpet

I ran into Makeup Artist DivaLisa!!!

The Beautiful Lameka & I!

One of my favorite peeps on earth...Nicki!! She has a lovely instagram with lots of makeup looks!
Find her under NICKIEPOOH.

I've been teaching lots of hands- on classes personal & public. 

and.........doing shoots & makeovers.......

and many more...........  If any of you are interested in the makeup I used in any of these looks, feel free to ask & I'll try to get that info to you!

Until next time....Be Blessed.......