Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why am I so in love with pink?!

I bought this pink lipstick 'Girl about town' from MAC (I know it's old). I have so many glosses to try this with! I'm excited!! Well, here are some photos of me in it!! Can I pull it off? My boyfriend is a hater so hopefully I'll pass the pink lips test with y'all!!

What I used:
Studio Tech Foundation
Mineralize Skinfinsh Powder
Fever (blush)
Shroom, Nocturnelle, Handwritten, Idol Eyes, Big T, Black Black Chromaline, (eyes)
Beautinique Dusty rose liner, Girl about town, Pink poodle (lips)

Oh yeah! I made this wig right!?! I was gonna do some looks in it but my daughter took some scissors to it before I could turn into "Tiffany" (the other me) in it. Don't tell nobody I cried when I saw all my hard work laying in the floor cut to pieces. :( I was able to wear it out twice due to me having my swine flu hair going on. My hair hadn't been combed in like a month. Anywayz, I wore it to my first post swine flu outing to the wax museum. The little young boys were on me like I was 16 or something! Uhhhh..NO! I was super offended. But here's a photo from my outing.>>>