Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Had A Few Min To Come Out & Play With Y'all!!!!!

Hey Y'all! It's been a while huh?? I know, I know.....don't put me in a head lock:]
I have a lot to catch up on. I have to go to everyones blog and read back all the way to November! AHHHHHH......
Did you guys know that you can only follow 300 blogs on your dashboard?? I'm mad!!

Happy Belated Merry Christmas, New Years & Birthdays if you had one!!!

Hello, Welcome & Thank You to all of my new homies over there on the right!! I appreciate your interest in lil 'ol imperfect me!

I've been super busy. My kiddies broke the screen on my camera so I haven't been able to be a camera whore :( but I've managed to get a few flicks in. I'm trying to treat myself to that Nikon Digital SLR!! Soon & very soon!

What I used:
Face: Maybelline 24hr Super Stay
MAC NW43 Powder
MAC Gleeful blush

Brows: MAC Espresso shadow

Eyes: (All MAC)
Painterly Paint Pot
Dazzlelight (highlight)
Soba & Cork (crease)
Lime (lid)
Chrome Yellow (inner bottom lash)
Electric Eel (outer bottom lash)
Smolder (bottom liner)
Palladio Navy Blue liner (top liner)
Maybelline Colossal mascara

Lips: NYX Circ & MAC lip conditioner

Let me just add that the Maybelline 24hr Super Stay is WHACK!
If you're going to the club or a date, its good, but to wear it all day, it doesn't last. 24hr It Is NOT!!! I needed it to last about 8 hrs and it was NOT happening! Revlon ColorStay lasts longer.
RCS all the way!!!

I made the wig I'm wearing!!! Y'all like???

What I used:

Face: Revlon ColorStay Caramel
MAC Rhubarb blush

Eyes: (All MAC)
Painterly Paint Pot
Shroom (hightlight)
Texture &Typographic (crease)
Sea (lid)
Sky & Electra (inner corner)
Smolder Eye liner
Maybelline Colossal mascara

Lips: MAC Hover lip liner
Viva Glam V

Sooooo......I did my sis up again for an event! I wanna put up before & afters up of my brides but they're too embarrassed. Oh Well! Anywayz......

What I used:
Revlon ColorStay
MSF Dark
Margin & Gleeful (blush)

Eyes: (all MAC)
Idol Eyes
Black Black Chromaline
Beauty Supply lashes

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I was awarded to TMI Blog Award by Kelly, Nina & Kiyyah! The AF Girls!!!!!
Thank you Ladies!!! I appreciate it!

Kisses & Huggs!!!