Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Alive & I got a Kreativ Blog Award!!

Hey my Beautiful, Sexy Peeps!! I've been busy y'all! I'm sorry! Sometimes life just happens ya know!?! Nevertheless, I am alive & well & in good spirits. I love Y'all & I truly Appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart!!

On to other news.......

I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award by the Fabulous Ms. Supastarrr!!!! Isn't that just the nicest thing??!!! I love her blog. She's a great gal!! :} Thank you darling!

So, now I have to tell u 7 interesting things about me!!

1. I am scared of the dark!

2. I love to buy coloring books and color in them like a kid and show my mommy how I stayed in the lines like a big girl!!

3. I love to dance & I do a pretty good job at it! Wouldn't u like to see that??!! Ha HA

4. I'm addicted to playing Bejeweled on Facebook.

5. I Must not walk or drive by a Borders books or a MAC store . I get real ignorant with my money when it comes to books & MAC. I love to read and y'all know I love me some makeup!

6. I love music and can Not go a day without it. Music is my life! Music is ME!

7. I make a music video for every song I listen to while riding in the car. I become the artist! If you're in the car with me, u MUST be in the video too or I will pull over and make your a** get out!!!!!

So I nominate.....

Ash- I am so proud of you. Honey, u just don't know! I really look up to you.

Kimmie- U already know you're my girl! I love you to pieces! Thanks for supporting me & being such a great inspiration.

Melanie- I Love your Blog Hands Down!!!

Ashley- U crack me up!! I look forward to meeting you one day. You are one tough cookie.

Reese- Girl, I love you! U are Hilarious!

Kandee- The most talented Makeup Artist in the business right now. U rock!

Luis Casco-Who wouldn't love your blog?! It's Great!