Sunday, November 29, 2009

Life has been goin' on! *Pic Heavy*

Hey my Loves!!!

Ya sista has been super busy! I'm sorry for abandoning you guys! I have a number of exciting things going on that I'm waiting and working on. I did makeup for Trends magazine again. I've only seen 2 pictures from the shoot & it has me looking forward to the mag publishing! I was offered a job at MAC!!! Exciting huh?? (Long story though)
I'm back at work. < Thats going well! And a plethora of other things not makeup related that y'all probably would give a darn about!:}

On to the photos..... (not in order of events)

My Thanksgiving eyes!
I used MAC Naked Lunch, Goldenrod, Texture & Sketch. My liner was a mistake that I didn't have time to fix. I used a Smashbox pencil that I got from the $99cents store next to the salon. :}

For some reason I've been into the smokey eyes & I won't stop until I try every color combo with black that I can. Wait until the magazine comes out! I was smoking everybody with different color creases! I was excited about over using my Carbon.

I was on my way to a biker event.

I used MAC Shroom, Woodwinked, Amberlights, & Carbon.
Revlon ColorStay foundation (my fav)
MAC Devil blush

I know I was a hooch that night, but dangit, I was cute!!!
I just pray that the bf doesn't read my blog. I'll be in trouble if he found out I left the house in those pants.

Here I'm on my way to Devin's (The Scientific Fact) birthday party.
This was the only photo I had without my glasses! Thats my baby Brandon!!

I used MAC Carbon, Shroom, Purple Haze, & Nocturnelle.
Revlon Colorstay foundation
MAC Gleeful Mineralize Blush

Here, I went to a Lovable Legs party where they sell sexy leggings and stockings.

I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid
MAC Carbon, Humid, Saddle, Shroom
MAC Plum Foolery Blush

I was on my way to work! Yep, I was on the freeway taking flicks! It wasn't many cars at 5am. I used caution!!

I used MAC Orange, Brule, Shroom, Chrome Yellow & Purple Haze
MAC Joyful blush
Revlon Colorstay foundation

Alright y'all I'm out!! Until next time!