Friday, June 19, 2009

A Night with the Kids

I had a night with the bay bays. I decided to entertain them by impressing them with my horrible drawing skills!
I put a lady bug on their left eyes. They were acting a little to "bay bay" to get the other one done! LOL Heres how it turned out>>>>>

I used Palladio Midnight Blue & Bright Red and NYX Black eye liner pencils.



Survivingarmywife said...

That is so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Kym-Kym I love the eyes on my baby, Kym I would love to see you teach a class LIVE on your blog or just with my girlfriends. I love it.

~Kymmy~ said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm tryning to get the whole youtube video thing down. I tried to upload a video and it never posted for some reason. Look for it soon. I'm tryna work it out for ya!!