Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm back......Hopefully!

I've been gone for a min ( seems like a min) but I'm back again!
I haven't had too much time to play. I'm looking for another building so I can open the salon and move and a host of other life situations! Y'all understand!
Hello and welcome to my new peeps over there on the right!! I see ya!!

So.....what had happened was........:)
I put some white, pink, & purple pieces in my hurr! I hope ya like!
Then.....I used Mac --->

Studio Mist Foundation in Dark
Mineralize SkinFinish in Dark
Raizin & Format for Blush
Shroom, Gesso, Lime & Sketch for the eyes
Viva Glam V lip glass, Hover Lip pencil for my smoochers! :}



VexInTheCity said...

LOVE the hair!! Yuo know what? Since seeing a random in an episode of the Housewives of ATL, I really want to get fuschia streaks in my hair - it looks so slick!

Have you actually put the colour in your hair or did you add bonding? I love it!

Me Myself and Makeup said...

Kymmy I love the hair!!! Keep us posted on the salon I would love to be one of the first clients. I've been thinking of cutting it off. Good luck with everything!

ethnimad said...


I love your hair too much and your makeup, pretty wonderful too ...

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

oh i love it and OMG i'm glad someone else knows about studio mist i love that stuff

Daydreaming said...

Nice color choices. Looks great on you.

~Kymmy~ said...

Thanks Y'all! :]
@ Vex- They're just pieces I colored and glued in. My boyfriend is not going to let me get away with this! So, I play when the mans away!

~Kymmy~ said...

@Kashonda- I would LOVE for you to come by the salon! I'm having a shin-dig there when I get it together and it would be grand for u to party with me!!

@ Ash- I'm real mad they discontinued it. I don't think ppl really gave it a chance.

Shana said...

yes the hair and look are fierce honey! love it!

yummy411 said...

gawjus!! hmmm i follow you so i don't know why i didn't see these updates in google =p

Nativa said...

I like the creativity of your hairstyle.

VexInTheCity said...

LOL it looks amazing!

vnssa906 said...

I love your damn hair! I've been wanting to add some color to my hair, but my man wont hear of it lol

btw, i just found your blog over from, and i have to say im in love!!! thanks for all the info and fun you provide!!!! :)